Welcome to The Heart Source: Activating Personal Power. . .
You are Invited to Learn Skills to Assist you in Handling the Ups and Downs of Life.
  • Are you one of the select few ready to learn to control your inner world simply by focusing on different parts of your body?
  • If so…
  • I invite you to learn a few simple and powerful skills to assist you in your day-to-day life.
  • Your day is fraught with many cares and stressors.
  • Some are the usual activities involved in work and family.
  • At other times you have to face the unexpected as an illness, acts of nature, and the unexpected difficulties brought about by others.
  • When you remain strong and firm within the core of who you are you will be able to respond to what happens in your life with calmness and wisdom.
  • I invite you to learn how to establish The Heart Source within your energy field.
  • The development of it is not difficult at all.
  • There are seven simple steps involving the front and the back of your heart and brow chakras, connecting them together and then anchoring them both above and below.

person-110303_15011 Coaching Calls
Each week we will gather for a Group Coaching Call where you can ask questions and receive further instruction in a safe environment.

person-110303_1506 Modules
You have access to six informative and transformational modules. The information is delivered by video, audio and e-documents.

person-110303_1503 Guided Imageries
I will guide you through 3 guided meditations which will cleanse your energy field and assist you in activating your personal power.

person-110303_150Power of Intention
Use the power of intention to set your focus for activation of your power and spiritual expansion. The power of technology will assist you in keeping track of your progress.
Before I get into the course itself, I want to give you an immediate opportunity to decide whether this course is for you.
That way you'll know whether to keep reading or to switch to something else.

This course is for people who:
  • Are ready to learn and use innovative ways to release anger, fear, sadness
  • Are open and willing to work with your chakras
  • Are ready to discover your inner power hiding within you
  • Are ready to keep calm and centered in the midst of chaos
  • Want to use simple strategies to increase your intuition
  • Will commit time and energy to an innovative 10 week multi-media course
  • Want to increase your intuition using simple strategies
  • Are ready to discover alternate ways of responding to difficult situations
  • Desire to be more connected to those closest to you
  • Want to learn simple strategies for self-healing
Access and Use Your Inner Power
When you live from your Heart Source you will find it easier to stay out of fear, to stand firm in the midst of turmoil, and to open yourself to the wisdom you have available to you. You will be able to be the Light in the darkness and the calm within the storm.
image-photographyWhen you stay in a place of peace and calm, you are able to make decisions for your life with greater clarity.

Instead of reacting to situations with old patterns of behavior learned when you were a child, you are able to respond as an adult who has matured and increased in wisdom and grace.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Good people hurt others and then carry with them the guilt and shame which interferes with being able to make future decisions from a place of love.

The 10-week course, The Heart Source: Accessing Personal Power, will guide you in imprinting the Heart Source within you.

I will guide you in imprinting your Heart Source through group coaching calls and recorded guided imagery.

All that is left is for you to practice this amazing skill.

Once the Heart Source is imprinted within your energy field, you will learn to use it for your own healing, to improve your relationships, and to protect you from the chaotic feelings and events happening around you.

What You Get With
The Heart: Accessing Your Power
The Heart: Accessing Your Power is a multi-media learning experience presented
in 6-Modules plus an Orientation.
  • Orientation
After a short welcome you will be invited to take both an assessment and a survey so you can discover a baseline of where you are now. You'll have an opportunity to retake both the assessment and survey after you have completed the course. This way you can measure your personal growth and development.
  • Module 1 My Personal Inspiration
Here you will learn about my personal spiritual inspiration for this course. I'll share with you the concept of divine inspiration known as channeling, what it is and who Amma the Divine Mother, the being I channel, is. You'll also learn about her basic teachings although we will only work with The Heart Source in this course.
  • Module 2 Personal Power
In this exciting module you will learn about your own personal power and where it is hidden within you. In addition, you will learn about the human energy field, how it affects your life, and how you can strengthen it simply by managing your thoughts and feelings. I'll also be sharing with you scientific information about what is known as the Heart – Brain. The research being done in this area is exciting and demonstrates how easy it is for you to be able to access your personal power simply by learning a few key strategies.
  • Module 3 Imprinting the Heart Source
This five week module is the longest module of the course and its core. You will receive daily emails giving you specific instructions on how to establish and practice using a part of your Heart Source for the day. The weekly group coaching calls will enable you to ask any questions which come up as you learn to live differently than the rest of the world.
  • Module 4 Psychic Protection
Once you have The Heart Source imprinted within your energy field, you now have the opportunity to learn how to use it. In this module you'll discover the power of what we caused psychic protection. Here you'll learn the power of being centered and grounded, how to use your seven chakras to strengthen your energy field, your Heart Source, and your personal boundaries.
  • Module 5 Improving Relationships
In this module you will learn to connect with others in a respectful manner. You will learn gain intuitive information about people in your life. The focus of this module is to enable you to accept and acknowledge others as individuals, and to discover alternate ways of relating.
  • Module 6 Healing
In this last module you will learn about healing yourself, the planet and others. I will guide you through simple methods to clear your chakras and to remove congested feelings trapped within your body. The result will be a release of both emotional and physical pain.

In 10 short weeks you will have powerful tools to increase your intuition improve relationship and release the feelings limiting your joy
  • I know you want to be the best person you can. You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't one of the special people who devote their lives to personal growth.
  • I also know you need to make choices about where you put your time, energy and financial resources. Below is what you would pay for this program if you purchased each part individually.

11 Group Coaching calls
6 modules
Instruction on Intention
Intention Tracker
3 Guided Imagery Experiences
11 x $47= $517
6 x $97 = $582
3 x $25 = $75

  • That is the value of the course The Heart Source: Accessing Personal Power, but you will not pay that much.
  • There are the intangibles which are next to impossible to give a value.
  • You know the credit card ad: "Trip to the aquarium $150, lifetime memories, Priceless.
  • Think of the last time you erupted in anger or ran away in fear and regretted it.
  • How much would it be worth to you to learn simple techniques to assist in you not doing that again?
  • How valuable would it be to you to have a simple strategy to gage the mood of someone so you'd know if now was a good time to ask for that raise?
  • How much would you be willing to pay to release the fear, anxiety, guilt and shame hiding within you?
  • I know these things are priceless, but if you were to work with me privately, each 1-hour session to achieve these goals would be $170.
  • Guarantee
  • You may not know if this particular learning style works for you. Most people do great with the audios, videos and written material.
  • This course was designed to fill the needs of the known learning styles of individuals.
  • I'd like to give you the opportunity to try out the first two modules of The Heart Source: Accessing Personal Power.
  • If you don't believe the course is of value to you, please send me an email and I'll refund your money with blessings.
  • Although this course is designed for you to complete the first two modules, plus orientation, in three weeks , I'll give you a full 30 days to finish through Module 2.
  • This is a spiritual journey.
  • If you are not willing to spend the time and energy needed for this journey, please don't sign up.
  • Your time investment
  • Each module will take about 1-2 hours per week to complete. I've kept the videos short and "fluff" free so you have what you need.
  • When you get to module three, there is a greater perceived time commitment because I'm asking you to be aware throughout the day as you are imprinting The Heart Source within you. Being aware throughout the day "feels" like it takes longer than sitting down to watch a 20 minute video.
  • Personal Commitment
  • I ask that you be open and willing to doing the exercises.
  • Be ready to experience change in how you see yourself and view the world.
  • Be ready for an adventure difficult to describe.
  • Play with curiosity and delight.
  • Financial Commitment
Just a review…
11 Group Coaching calls
6 modules
Instruction on Intention
Intention Tracker
3 Guided Imagery Experiences
11 x $47= $517
6 x $97 = $582
3 x $25 = $75
Although the total value of The Heart Source: Accessing Personal Power is $1368, I want it to be as affordable as possible for you.
  • Instead of $1368 I am asking an offering of appreciation of only $497.00.
  • You, however, are familiar with Amma's work.
  • You have gone through the first five weeks of her e-mail course.
  • For this reason I'm reducing the price from $497 to $397.
  • In addition, because you are the first group to take The Heart Source: Activating Personal Power, I'm reducing the cost from $397 to $297.
  • You may offer appreciation for The Heart Source: Activating Personal Power with one payment of $297 or break it up into three payments of $100 each. Simply click on the button below for the way you'd like to pay.
  • I'm looking forward to having you with me.
Get The Heart: Activating Personal Power Today For Only $497 - Just $297

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